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We at Imperium Middle East have a passion in our hearts and a resolve to meet and defeat the challenges posed by technological disruptions. A global increase in the number of employees working remotely has exposed vulnerabilities, due to which cyber threats are increasing significantly.  Post COVID has caused a paradigm shift in the way organizations work and have put immense pressures on cybersecurity systems and professionals.

Organizations are making extraordinary efforts to counter scams, phishing, vishing attacks and threats to their data privacy and IT systems. These attacks are looming large and are pain points for organizations especially during the endemic times.

To successfully counter this threat scenario, IMPERIUM has built expertise in cybersecurity solutions   focused on Networking, Data Protection and Application Security with niche products from leading vendors.

The Middle East region is focused on digitization, but to bring its vision to reality, it will need the properly trained cybersecurity staff with a grasp on future digital skills for those new roles  in the industry.

Upskilling and micro-credentials have been popular for many professionals looking to brush up their resumes over the last year. However, these programs and educational opportunities could also prevent in-house turnover and exodus-induced brain drain.

 It is essential that businesses constantly refresh the way they hire, with less focus on traditional education and more on tech skills.

—Gavin Patterson, Salesforce

Universities  need to build and empower the students   with digital  skills To create  an employable pool of resources  in the META region.

We equip the student community through  our  tried and successful  model of “Train and Hire” Programs jointly with our global partners in cyber security, analytics, health and well-being and governance.


Imperium Middle East is committed to reduce the skills gap in cybersecurity by creating an ecosystem for Learning, Development, and IT solutions in partnership with  world-class vendors.

Projects Handled along with Our Partners 

  • Mashreq Bank, UAE
  • Qatar National Bank, Qatar
  • Kuwait Petroleum, Kuwait
  • Dubai Tourism, UAE
  • King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Alyaum Training Center, Saudi Arabia
  • Higher Colleges of Technology ,UAE
  • Vertaal Offshore S.A.L, Lebanon