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Security Solutions

“Threat intelligence from the first half of 2021 demonstrates a significant increase in the volume and
sophistication of attacks targeting individuals, organizations, and increasingly critical infrastructure.
The expanding attack surface of hybrid workers and learners, in and out of the traditional network,
continues to be a target. Timely collaboration and partnership momentum across law enforcement as
well as public and private sectors is an opportunity to disrupt the cybercriminal ecosystem going into
the second half of 2021.”

( Reference FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Landscape Report , Aug 2021)

  • We offer both niche and wisely chosen security solutions based on current and future challenges for cybersecurity.
  • We cover all the layers of security with  solutions from our leading vendors globally.
  • Data Security and Auditing
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • NDR and Unified Security
  • PAM, Identity and Access Management
  • Network Security Policy, Monitoring and Automation
  • Backup
  • Support and RMM
  • Cybersecurity and Protection
  • Cloud based Data Leak Prevention Solutions, Malware Protection and Threat Analysis.
Data security
Load balancerTraining services
DLP & Data classificationSSL VPNCyber security consultancy
Privileged access managementWeb application firewallSecurity Awareness training
Identity access managementApplication delivery controllersVAPT
Backup and disaster recoveryDDoS protectionInstallation & implementation
Email securityNetwork TAP
Patch managementPacket brokers
Vulnerability management
Web application security

Hackers used a compromised password to access the company network via a virtual private network in the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack. A widely known vulnerability that hadn’t yet been patched was the entry point for the 2017 Equifax attack. And a bitcoin scam on Twitter started with spear phishing attacks on Twitter employees.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect security program, but such events show that cybersecurity teams can’t afford to overlook anything.