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  • Immuniweb AI:  For intelligent automation and acceleration
  • We accelerate and reudce costs of Application, Security Testing, and  Protection and Compliance

ImmuniWeb outperformed IBM Watson for Cybersecurity and won in the “Best Usage of Machine Learning and AI” Category.


ImmuniWeb disrupts traditional application security testing by delivering web and mobile application testing augmented with proprietary machine-learning technology anf human testing.


immuniweb has woven together machine learning with its own expert testers ro confidently offer unique zero false positive SLA.

 ImmuniWeb -AI Application Security  Products:

  • Immuniweb Discovery 
  • Immuniweb AI Platform
  • Immuniweb On Demand
  • Immuniweb Mobile Solutions
Traditional Application Web Testing and Web Vulnerability ScanningVSAI Based Application Security
Incomplete visibility of your digital assets.Holistic visibility of assets, risks and threats
Trivial scanning or costly manual labor.AI intensifies and enhances human testing
Incomplete or redundant testingRisk-based and compliance-driven testing
False positive and noiseMoneyback fora single false positive
Protracted remidiationDev Sec Ops& CI/CD integration

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